Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wednesday Night

Power Outage

Wednesday, August 5, 2009: So I just came home a few minutes ago only to find that the power has gone out. To be honest, it's been about 45 minutes actually without power so far.

It's actually been a little bit of an experience in my dull life lol. I struggled at first to find some matches, laughing at how my once strategically placed flashlights all got put with the camping gear in storage. Finally I remembered that there were some matches next to the tv so I am so grateful that I have a ton of candles!

Oh how I take power for granted! I scarcely give it a though besides the begrudging writing of the check each month. Ha! I don't even write out checks anymore. I joined the world of debit cards finally, and Adam introduced me to the oh so convenient free online bill pay with Zion's Bank.

What an amazing thing technology is! (hee hee I so feel a certain song from "Napoleon Dynamite" coming on…….). So annoying though without this wonderful stuff. I can't do any of my normal routine without power. It's funny that somehow I feel like I'm in the dark ages sitting here on the couch writing on paper to candlelight.

Next I'll be looking for my sketch book or my embroidery and get ready for the ball!

No wonder back then that they looked so forward to parties and dancing for it was almost the only form of entertainment they had! Quite amazing really! Wouldn't they be amazed to see this entirely new world with our internet, ipods, and cell phones? I know I would be entirely out of my element and bored in their world.

So funny that I'm quite put out because I can't play WOW, go on facebook, write my blog & articles while watching Shark Week!

Luckily there is actually plenty to do to amuse myself. I did the dishes (well rinsed and put them in the magic dishwasher lol) Ha, see how bored I really am!

….The power didn't come on until nearly 10. I actually wrote an article and my blog on paper, and read for a while. My honey had to work really really late sadly. And I really couldn't complain. I had the cat, my ipod (music). Too bad Adam wasn't here so we could cuddle and actually bond without the tv and our computers etc.

So interesting though. It really makes me wonder about how far we have come. We have all these amazing things in the world, made so many advances etc. How prepared will we be when the world ends or whatever like some huge disaster where we don't have power. It makes me think how we need to be prepared!

But as far as technology, its amazing all these things we can do. How we can connect with others millions of miles away, research so much on the internet. Wouldn't want to trade it for the world. But we probably should have our limits here in the world today where we text or instant message family members in the same house that dinner is ready! Really need to take a break from it sometimes and bond without all these fancy gadgets. That's why I love family night with Adam's family. They have a strict rule that there are no ipods etc or texting. We play games etc and its just so much fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Sweetest Thing


And I don't even care. Work is so insane right now, but I had to take a moment and write something about my honey. Last night we had stayed up way to ridiculously late and had a rather difficult time falling asleep. We were just cuddling and talking. We got into that whole "who do I love thee…." Mumbo jumbo but it was seriously the sweetest thing ever. He was telling me my best qualities and mentioned my personality and how much fun we have together and how much he loves. But then he said something about how he can't wait to get home to me every day from work. Oh man! How adorably sweet is that? I didn't tell him, but it brought a couple tears to my eyes.

I'm just so grateful I met him. I am a very, very lucky girl. He is seriously amazing. I've never had so much fun and felt so much love with someone before. I am so excited to get married to Adam!!!!

Corny? Yes! But I'm looking for corny in my life. J (name that movie)

(Okay I'll shut up and you can stop puking now)

Monday, August 3, 2009

How is it AUGUST???

What Exactly is the "BEYOND"?

So I have this wedding planning book. It's the kind that tells you when you should do what. It actually says between 8-10 months prior that you should register. Ha ha. I know nobody does that. But I figured it was something we could get done and over with.

We planned on Friday to register for a few places. Yeah, well we only got done at one place- Bed Bath & Beyond. It is actually a pretty tiring experience seriously.

Oh but so much fun! Not only was it awesome that we were doing it together, but it was really fun planning on everything you want. All of the stuff we have is so very old, it's time for new stuff. So here are the themes we decided on:

  • Monkey bathroom
  • Italian kitchen
  • Jungle living room
  • Movie bedroom
  • Coke bathroom

Family Parties With and Without Booz

Recently we went to a party with my family for the 24th. It was so nice to see everyone! You never seem to be able to meet quite often enough. We actually combined it (the 24th celebration) with the extended McAffee's so Patty and Richard were there. This was obviously the party WITHOUT booz. My family doesn't actually need them to be loud and crazy lol. We had a lot of fun. We played soccer, had a picnic. It was a total blast.

The party with the booz was last night at Adam's parents. Oh man it was hilarious! There was the man table that we all avoided as they were drinking the most. It got to the point where we had to hide the children inside watching movies as to not corrupt them. They sucked in Adam there too. But he didn't drink that much, just enough to be funny. Brad was also hilarious! I got him to dance the river dance twice! Oh man, I can't even repeat most of what he said. Good times!

Just Kickin' It

Yeah so my work team has still not won a game. But we haven't lost all of them, just all but one. Oh the soccer ties! We are doing so much better though. It has been a blast. My leg is doing a LOT better too which is a total bonus.    

Working my Tail Off

User's Conference is coming up and we are working on SO many projects besides it that its insane. You don't have time to think, you just work, work, work. Probably gonna put in a lot of overtime until conference. Such is life! Its next month. I'm just so grateful though that the wedding is next April, because I know I would have gone so so crazy trying to do both at the same time.

Shark Week

And just so you know its Shark Week! And that really has nothing to do with anything but its AWESOME!!!!! Don't miss it.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week in Review……

Best/Prescious Moments of the Week

  • Playing Bonco with Adam's family-the laughing, treats, Diet Coke! (especially laughing at putting "non-sexual favors" on Valerie, Adam's mom's check hee hee hee)
  • Fireworks: Doing fireworks at Kim's. Kiya being adorable and so being baby-hungry! (Kiya so looks like Adam, I just can't wait to have our own little child!)
  • Hazel: Holding Daisy and Robby's baby for like more than an hour, trying to hold back tears and reminding myself to leave the baby when I leave their house.

Funny Moments

  • Work Story: Overhead funny conversation between Laura and Pamela (from implementation) where they are talking about manicures etc and Laura says "Oh and guess what I'm going to get before I go on my trip?" Pam says "A pedafile?" lol! Speaking of which I really need a pedicure! Good times, good times!
  • Bonco Story: I'm mid-sentence, telling everyone how Jevan (my ex-step brother) calls Adam (who he works with) his future ex-step-brother-in-law but as I'm saying it I get Bonco so I'm saying "….and so Jevan says………….BONCO!!!!". So does not really sound that funny right now, but in a group with 12 women, we get really giddy! How I love those women.

Stress-ball Moments

  • Arguing with Jen: Oh how we know how to fight! The funny thing is most of the time I can't even remember what starts half of our arguments. We argued about the details of our 24th celebration. Silly silly stuff.
  • Work:
    • Training: This past week I took on Paul's training of new hires. So funny, it was actually good for me because there haven't been any on-sites for a long, long time. I haven't trained since our past system updates so I had a lot of preparing to do for this one.
    • User's Conference: I was thinking of NOT focusing at all on User's Conference but we had a meeting during lunch this week and had started making plans and discussed all the times the documentation has to be done and when the dry runs are. And there is a lot to do besides conference and I started stressing out. Oh, I know we will do it. And we had it last year, but my goodness are my classes harder this time. CRAZINESS! (And BTW, I know everyone is thinking we are crazy for waiting until April to get married, but in retrospect I'm SO glad that I am not planning a wedding right around User's Conference time. That would be NUTS!)

Sweet & Sour

  • Cry Fest: Had another minor breakdown which is silly. I lost another pound which is GOOD but I'm not patient. Just don't understand why it doesn't happen quicker. But just need to be happy with it and go forth and keep working! I did good this week.

Enlightening Moments

  • Walter Kronkite: So I watched quite a bit of this special on Discovery about Kronkite's life. It was pretty amazing all of the historical events he experienced. We just have no idea in this day and age of the internet. For instance, I remember freaking out when I needed a phone # and the internet was down the other day, and OMG I actually had to open up a phone book! LOL so clueless we are. We have no idea what it was like-the Depression. BEFORE the internet and cell phones. It amazes me. Who knows what we will be telling our grandchildren that will amaze them (other than, whoa, grandma you were born in the 1900's?) And that's how it is! (PS, I think my grandfather adored that man, I'm sure he somehow arranged to meet him up there. Go grandpa!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekly Review: Health Talk


I'm not going to get depressed or sad about it. It just happens. Just need to stick to it.

Last Week: 354

This week: 354

Programs I'm On

  • GoWear Fit
  • Online Training program

What I Did Good

  • Restricted Diet Coke somewhat (could do better)
  • Did stick to my meal plans (and it ain't easy people)
  • Did start cardio workouts (3-kinda wussy I know)
  • Tracked food & exercise MOST days

What Needs Improvement

  • Need to drink more water (did good some days)
  • Need to add weight workouts and more cardio
  • Restrict Diet Coke to 1-2 daily
  • Keep track of diet EVERY DAY

The Plan

Ok so lets kick it up a knotch, and this time ACTUALLY do it! I just need to keep watching my portions and eating right and hit the gym LOTS and LOTS


  • Wedding dress!
  • Babies!
  • Soccer (I wanna be soccer bitch)

Week in Review…..

I'm kind of boring! Not much going on lately but I am happy! Today is Saturday and Adam and I have resolved to do absolutely NOTHING today. (Although I did clean and do laundry lol, wrote some articles lol)

Funny Quotes

X96 Radio Station

"Richie, I've never seen you naked, but I sure would like to." (Bill)

"Gina has now walked 10 miles on this program (walking a mile on the show). It may be more miles than she has walked in her life." (Bill)

"I'm tempted to try this pantyliner experiment and see how many days I can wear the same pear of underwear………….do I stick them to me or the underwear?" (Kerry)

"Kerry you can cut me open and sleep in my guts when you are cold" (Gina)

These guys kill me seriously!

Moments of Shame

We got killed Wednesday night in soccer. 5-0. Their goalie almost scored on us. It was pretty pathetic. Seriously sucks having a new team against people who have been playing for 4+ years.

Harry Potter

I tortured poor Adam by making him watch Harry Potter late Tuesday night. Jen's boyfriend Chad was less than thrilled as well.

Our cousin Alisa was having everyone dress up, so we decided to go as dentists and be Hermione's parents. It was pretty funny. But oh my I'm getting old. So hard to stay up that late anymore. Oh I hate growing old. I don't know when it happened, but seriously in my 20's I could survive on like 4 hours of sleep and stay up until all hours of the night and not blink an eye. Now that seriously doesn't happen. I was really lucky and was able to sleep in. But enough about sleep, lets get to the movie.

I still don't know what I think! I mean it felt like one of those set-up movies for the next which is totally to be expected. But usually its just the end where you feel like that. The bonuses were that the acting was amazing and I thought they did the love interest scenes in a funny way that was pretty clever, rather than cheesy how it seemed to be on the movie Twilight. But there was something lacking. Not special effects though! Seriously seamless about that, the best HP in that respect. So what was it that was missing? I am not quite sure, and I'm willing to admit perhaps I'm fuzzy as I was so tired when I was watching it.

It just seems like it lacked a little action. The story was not as intense as the others have been. Could just be me.



So I got all pissy this morning (Friday) when I weighed in this morning. I have done exceptionally well-no cheating etc like I normally do so I was disappointed. But tomorrow is official weigh-in day and I'm just not going to sweat it. Just have to keep at it!

Oh its been a long, long week. I'm so glad its Friday. Today I'm gonna clean and get some articles done and work on some more wedding stuff. J Wahoo!


Weighed in and I'm exactly the same. 1 pound less than when I started one program though. I know I can do better.